Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Toronto: Flo's Diner

yo check my flo'

I tried; ebonics ain't my strong suit.

In the urban chic of Yorkville lies a comfortable and cheery diner called Flo's.  It's just up a few awkward stairs.  They have a nice patio and a stereotypical interior - by stereotypical I mean the kind of decor one comes to expect from a "diner".

I probably wouldn't make the trek up to Yorkville on a weekend, but it happens to be a stone's throw away from my work which makes it a great place to have lunch.

Being the big breakfast buff I am, they have more than enough egg dishes to satisfy you, your friend, and your friend's friend. 

Two eggs, perfectly poached by the way, and peameal bacon.  Did somebody say BACON?
I went just the other day with one of my favourites, Bana.  It's her birthday soon.  Bana likes eggs and manicures, just like me!  Happy birthday, xoxo. 

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