Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Toronto: Gilead Café & Bistro

sooooo gravyyyy

Delightful.  What you ask?  Why everything.  This comfortable, bright, hidden gem is tucked away in a little alley off King and Parliament.  It's Jamie Kennedy, so it's simple, local, and delicious.  From the moment you walk in it feels like you've left the gritty city as you take a seat at one of the wood-topped tables.  The walls are adorned with jars of pickled vegetables and there are fresh flowers along the windowsill.  It's always in the details. 

In the company of good friends I stopped in for Sunday brunch.  And tickle me pink, Gilead was offering one of Jamie's trademark specialties - POUTINE.  Fries and gravy with pulled pork?  Hell ya.  My enthusiasm is a reflection of the fact it isn't usually available on Sunday. Sadly though, they ran out of pastries.  Our waiter thought it'd be okay to give us bread instead (hey waiter, that's not okay unless it's on the house).  But again, I had just ordered bacon rosti and scrambled eggs with a side of POUTINE so nothing was bringing me down. 

I would recommend the eggs benedict if one of the daily specials doesn't jump out at you.  Jamie's hollandaise sauce is really one of the best I've had. 


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