Monday, October 25, 2010

Toronto: School Bakery & Café

:Liberty Village:

Usually when I'm dying to try a place, I leave a little disappointed.  I gave it a name: premature excitation. 

I have been wanting to go to School for many months now, and finally went on the weekend with two of the best eaters I know, Saltine and Miss J.  Here's the final report card:
  • Hostess: F (Mousey-blonde little thing needs an attitude overhaul.  I would have given her one but I wasn't about to embarass my company.)
  • Service: A
  • Menu: A+
  • Taste: A+ 
As you can see, save and except the hostess, School gets top marks.  I'm going to go back to eat everything.

The winner of the day was Saltine.  She ordered the four cheese omelet soufleé which, in one word, is OMGDELICIOUS.  A fluffy pillowy omelet with bacon in the middle and a dirrtyyy good cheese crust. 

I got the omelet with chorizo and goat cheese.  Chorizo-can't-go-wrong :)

My sister got the super cheesey french toast with bacon - probably my least favourite, but that's because I don't like savoury french toast. 

We shared the black and blue pancakes which were ahhhh-mazing, and ordered a side of sausage, which knocked my socks right off.

I will have to go back to try the spiced benni, the lemony pancakes, and well...

This place serves good (not too much, not too little, just riiiight) portions of well-made (not too greasy, seasoned well, and tastee, yes, double-e tasty) brunch.  All the favourites with a fun spin.  The coffee is good and their assortment of baked goods are a great take-home treat.

Gimmicks can take away from the fare, but in the case of School - the concept works so does the food.

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  1. Oh oh! I am so glad you stopped at my blog. Those pancakes look divine. Did you try slicing all of them at once? I used to like doing that as a kid...kind of skewer a piece from each on one fork. hehe I'm such a food-dork :) I must go!

  2. We had a late lunch there today ... it was good.


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