Monday, October 4, 2010

Toronto: SukhoThai

psst, this place made me eat my words
:Regent Park:

I’ve never been a fan of Thai food, save and except two dishes: Tom Yum Kung and Green Curry. Even then, I never thought anyone did justice to these dishes.

Enter SukhoThai. Two people, in love, with one goal: to “make real Thai food”.  Halleluiah.  
I heard the buzz (and there’s a lot of it) a while ago, but forgot about it – life's been busy.  Course destiny had it that I went this past weekend. A random phone call from one of my favourite friends led to a happy gathering of hungry faces at this downtown joint. The place is small, but cute, and although it was busy, service was attentive.

Sukho Thai lived up to its reputation and then some. This family-run restaurant is friendly, and the food is outrageously good. 

We sat, we ordered and we gorged…a lot. Six mouths ate two orders of shrimp chips with tamarind dip (greaseless shrimp chips…chomp chomp), two orders of spring rolls with sweet and sour garlic sauce, three curries, one noodle, one special, and of course, my absolute FAVOURITE, Tom Yum Kung.

This soup is a winner.
Gone are the days I say “I hate Thai food”, so long as it’s Sukho Thai.

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