Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Toronto: The Counter

like a bull and a china shop
:The Thompson Hotel:

A 24 hour diner in a swanky upscale hotel with a wall of vintage porcelain statues, colourful booths, marble and tile, vaulted ceilings, and flat screen televisions. I still don’t know what to make of it which probably means I don’t really get it. That’s okay. I’m only here for the food.

Eccentricity aside, the menu is – in most ways – your typical diner fare. They have macaroni and cheese but with pancetta and truffle oil. They have fries and onion rings but served in two metal grid bowls on a wood cutting board with a fancy dipping sauce (course you only get one, extras will cost you).

Late last night my friend Minnie and I popped in for a pre-holiday Christmas feast full of fried fatty goodness and carbs five-ways.

We ate more than I’m prepared to tell you about; here are some highlights:

Buttermilk fried chicken + Cheesey mashed potatoes:

Let’s congratulate this chicken for having just been added to my list of favourite dirrrtyy eats. So bad, but so good.
Let’s skip the mac n cheese I’ve heard so much about. To those that say it’s the best in the city, I would say, you’re wrong.  It looks good, but again, you're wrong.

The poutine is delicious. As were the fries and onion rings with garlic aioli.

In my opinion, every city can always use another 24 hour eatery, so I’m a fan. But in the end, no matter who designed it or where it is, The Counter is mostly average comfort food, only glorified.

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