Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Toronto: La Mexicana


mucho fun for lunch

Wow. The people who didn’t like this place, REALLY didn’t like it.  Now would be a great time for me to segue into how this blog has shown me that many wannabe food critics are so very angry.  Perhaps the blog world is the only place they can exert any heard or impose their will (if you know what I'm saying...).  It is a fact people have left nasty comments and messages about my opinions; operative word people, opinion.  It is also a fact that I ignore their ignorance.

Bana and I met up for holiday hugs with a side of lunch. Did I ever mention that Bana LOVES Mexican? Because she truly does.

Their homemade salsa and salsa verde were really good, as were their guacamole and hot sauce.

I got the lunch special of four empanadas – two pork and two chorizo and potato. They were good, although once you go Las Palmas you never go back.

Bana enjoyed her chicken burrito with beans:

Overall, good service, simple menu, reasonable prices, and tasty food. Authentic Mexican cuisine? I don’t know, do I look like Rick Bayless? He’d probably say it’s not and scoff at it, but that’s like asking Jordan if he watches the Raptors? Haha.

I ate all my food. That’s a good sign. Well, not really, I eat anything…

I liked my food.

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  1. I went to La Mexicana with bloggers the last time I was back and I liked it. It was pretty tasty. I ate the burritos, ordered another meal, had an appetizer and a dessert... it was so good!


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