Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Eyes: Vitamin C Eye Reviver Duo by Body Shop

c is for camu camu
:Average at $22:

The Body Shop used to be a staple. Then came Bath and Body Works. Although there are somethings that can never be replaced, like the body butter. Mmm, body butter.

Last weekend Minnie and I got suckered into their “buy this bag, support the anti-sex trade movement, fill it and everything is inside is 50% off”. How do you say no?  You don't.  A deal like that always leads to buying things I never otherwise would, such as:

According to the saleswoman, the Vitamin C in the Eye Reviver Duo comes from the camu camu berry in the Amazon which is reported to have the highest contents of Viatmin C in nature. Her superfluous details went in-one-ear-and-out-the-other, I liked the was a happy orange.  So I bought it.

I must say after using it for a week it’s pretty neat. It’s like Benefit’s Ooh lala lift meets Garnier’s rollerball. The only caveat being this: if either end of the stick were to stand alone, it would fall short of the mark.  Neither end gave me that longlasting moisturizing feeling.  But someone was clever enough to package it together.

For the price and benefits, I like it. It’s soothing and revitalizing...exactly what Vitamin C should be.

Like it.


  1. Thanks for sharing your insights about the product. I think it's effective and affordable. Thanks a lot.

  2. It's so important to take eye vitamins. I have been taking eye vitamins for years now and I have seen a huge difference in my eye sight. It's just amazing!

  3. Body Butter is great to keep on hand for all-day use. I keep a pump of it in the bathroom and use it all the time, especially after washing my hands.

  4. I also like to use vegan products. Recently i bought a vegan body lotion from just @ 8.80$ us. I am satisfied.

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