Friday, November 26, 2010

Toronto: Japango

go sushi go 
:Bay + Dundas:

It's not impossible to find good sushi in Toronto.  You just have to know where  to look.   Sure, all signs point to Guu...for now...but I hope you like hour.  Or, you can make a reservation and head down to Japango.  Be seated, and eat.
It's tiny.  It's hidden.  It's yummy. 

The narrow space only holds about 20 or so people, and it's almost always filled to capacity.  Last night was my third trip to Japango and it was special.  The presentation was beautiful and the food was delicious.  The sushi is always fresh and clean, and prices are reasonable - it's no New Gen or Sushi Inn (thank goodness), and the few extra dollars is a small price to pay for some of the best sushi in downtown Toronto.

My favourite is their Japango roll.  It's s-e-r-i-o-u-s.

The Japango Roll.  Heavenly bites.
 Japangofans everywhere come often and eat happy.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Help Me by Philosophy

help yourself

:Moderate at $50:

Why so quiet?
Well, I lost the pause button for life.  But it's okay...a new remote arrived today so I could post a little sumptin, sumptin.  It's a brief pause, however, just long enough to tell you about my latest, greatest purchase.

I've already told you my mother has the best face nature ever conjured up...and she never worried about anti-aging this, or anti-wrinkle that.  Course, my mother does not have any of the vices I do...that said, I consulted the beauty gurus at Sephora and Holts.  They agree, there is nothing wrong with starting BEFORE you see any signs of aging.  Prevent wrinkles and imperfections before they arrive.  It makes sense...sorta.  The "sorta" is because anti-aging stuff is always double the price of your joy-blow (yes, JOYblow, no Joes here) stuff.  Why do things cost so much???  Why-e?

Course I do find a way around things, so instead of going for the anti-wrinkle/anti-aging regimens, I just opt for something with retinol.  It helps with a slew of things - Google it or read PTR.  Sadly, PTR you have been replaced:

Philosophy's Help Me is less irritating, evidently because they stabilized the substance in the cream using a "microsponge technology®" - whatever that means?!?!  It won Allure's editor's choice for best anti-aging treatment.  Now that's something I understand.  Help Me is now a permanent part of my sleepy time schedule.  A little on my problem areas and then it's off to lalaland.  Wake up and start again.

Joni said it best, help me, I think I'm falling...

Love it.

Pause end.  Life resume.  Be back soon.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Toronto: Envious Lash Lounge

lash extensions, green light
Left: Pre-Extensions | Right: Envious?

Who doesn't love a deal?  I already mentioned that you can purchase discounted gift certificates from WaySpa to use at spas...ready for it...around the world.  Yes, the world.  That's pretty cool.

Course my world at present is an X-block radius around my home in Toronto, so I'll stick to that.  While I was searching spas, Envious popped up and I thought I'd give lash extensions another try.  Giggle, I'm happy I did.  Read the full review on WaySpa's blog.

Ooh la lash.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Toronto: Camden Spa

a simple downtown oasis
Forgive me if I can't remember when this spa opened, but I think it was around 2004 or 2005.  It shouldn't matter anyhow, since I wouldn't have had anything nice to say.

This spa has actually received much praise from fashion magazines, but I wasn't a fan, but after my favourite RMT stopped working downtown, I had to find a new one.  I remembered I once saw a good one at Camden, so I decided to go back and find her.

The owners are different, but the same feng shui/zen like jungle (think bamboo) decor prevails.  It's quite soothing, and the spa is quiet, especially considering it's located off of Spadina.

I love Pure + Simple too much to try a facial anywhere else.  Why would I?  Once you find perfection, you stop searching.  Everything else, however, is fair game.  I suggest you get a mani-pedi, and perhaps a body treatment or massage.  My mani and pedi survived one messy party, Halloween, and a birthday.  That's pretty impressive.  I had the pumpkin scrub and I think the best thing about a scrub is that someone does your dirty work.  I can't say it's "nice" to be scrubbed all over, but I know I have less dead skin cells to work with.  My skin has officially been prepped for winter, now moisturize, moisturize, moisturize...

Camden has so many promotions, including daily specials.  If you sign up online you get a spa credit.  If you book a massage right now, you get another credit but you can only use one credit.  Confused?  I know, I think they have one too many "deals" but if you have the fortitude to figure it out, it might just be worth it.  If you're especially frugal, you can purchase a WaySpa gift certificate when they're on special and put it towards one of Camden's specials.  Hell, with so many ways to save, Camden is starting to seem like the No Frills of spas?!?

Special Healing Powder by Mario Badescu

adult + acne = epidemic
:Cheap at $15:

Seriously now…it’s happening to me, my family, my friends, and strangers. Teenage remedies don’t work the same on aged skin so I’ve had to try everything and anything. This powder is nowhere near as effective as the Drying Lotion, but you can also wear it out. Although I confess I sometimes leave my house with Drying Lotion on…just to run down to the store. It’s a house arrest look and won’t win you any beauty crowns, but meh.

The sulfur-based powder absorbs excess oil and soothes irritated spots and redness. It also works to disinfect and calm acne. I dust it on any affected area and let it do what it was formulated to do. I controls excess oil, which makes me less shiny, and Mr. Pimple becomes less angry.

If you combine it with your powder it can be worn all day and no one will be the wiser. That is uber special.

Like it.