Monday, January 17, 2011

Bronzer Powder by NARS in Laguna

faux sun
:Pricey at $38:

The explicit answer is to feign tanned, glowing skin.  The implicit answer is that in doing so you enhance the structure of your face.  How?  YouTube it.  I wonder what people did before YouTube How-Tos?  I mean really, you can watch a step-by-step videos to do's a scary world we live in.

For me, Laguna used to be my is still by far one of the prettiest bronzers out there - brown with gold shimmer - but I am way too pasty right now to pull it off.  So until my tan returns, Laguna is benched and Park Avenue Princess just became a starter. 

Like it.

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  1. Youtube and I are BFFs for learning.

    As for the bronzer, the one I really like is Annabelle's Zebra Haute Gold bronzer. Works on EVERYONE because it's a gold dusting.


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