Monday, January 17, 2011

Clinique Uneven Skin Tone Kit

even out your imperfections
:Pricey at $63:

A $95 value for $63 is a deal, but it's an expensive deal.  I needed a new bottle of Even Better Clinical (EBC), so I figured why not get the kit.  I got the extra skin tone correcting moisturizer and 7 day scrub cream.  I have yet to use the latter, but that's because I'm going away soon and they are perfect travel size bottles.  I'll review them then.

The kit is a good deal for anyone who wants to try the the EBC because you get two more products that help to improve your complexion.  I imagine it boosts the results if you use all three in tandem.  I got my kit at Shoppers, go, go go.

I already reviewed EBC, so I won't bother saying much more.  This will be my third bottle and I think I'm well on my way to finally moving past the hell that broke loose...

I feel like doing a happy dance, but I'll wait until I'm done my bottle and my skin is really, even better.

Like it.

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