Friday, January 14, 2011

Toronto: Beauty Line

cheap and cheerful, really
:King Street:

The mani-pedi world is a two-player fight.  

In the red corner we have cheap and crass (usually)Vietnamese-run nail shops, or as I like to call them “chop-shops”. 

And in the blue corner we have the "shishipoopoo" spas.

The cost differential is steep. For example, Lux Spa in Yorkville is where I like to get some shishi in my poopoo.  It's a nice treat, but it’s also $35 plus tax and tip (or more for their other treatments). Whereas the chop-shop cost a mere $10 no tax.

Who wins?  No one really.  I think the age old maxim  - you get what you pay for - applies here.  Of course, if you suffer from obsessicure (Definition: The obsessive-compulsive need to get a manicure and/or pedicure at least biweekly, if not more), by default you need to go cheap and hope that the chop-shop doesn't make mincemeat of your fingers and toes.


{cue music}

You could go to Beauty Line.  From the prices it sounds like your average “cheap” mani-pedi bar, but inside, it's not as toxic - cleaner, nicer, better ventilation and service.

There are two locations, but I’ve only gone to the King Street one. After five visits I am sparing five minutes to tell you about it because each time I’ve been happy with quality and longevity of my $10 (plus tax and tip) manicure. (A manicure and pedicure is $35.)

Might I recommend that while you’re waiting, you ask for a 10-minute massage ($10). Nails drying, shoulders relaxing, woosahhhh.

P.S. If I could afford to, I would go to Lux all the time, it's ama-jing!  Want to treat me?

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