Saturday, January 8, 2011

Vancouver: Beard Papas

puff daddy

I should probably preface this posting by acknowledging that I am a conflicted eater. My sister always rolls her eyes at me because I shoot my mouth off about food, well actually, about everything. I say I don’t like a lot of things but then she’ll catch me eating it. Or, in extreme cases, I completely change my mind and love it. But don’t ask me to admit it, denial is my middle name. Case and point, I hate fried chicken.

I don’t like cream puffs. I’m just not whipped cream’s biggest fan. So as I said, I don’t like cream puffs but Beard Papas are evidently “the World’s Best Cream Puffs”, so suppose we say...I dislike them the least. Still following me?

My papa loves these, so ma mere picked up a box. I had one and next thing you know, I had three. I suppose it has something to do with the fact that the filling is custard and cream combined just before they’re filled. These yummy little buns are preservative free and baked fresh daily. A triple threat of a flaky puff shell, whipped cream custard, and a Bavarian dark chocolate glaze (those are the best of the bunch). Yeehaw.

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