Monday, January 10, 2011

Vancouver: Hon’s Wun-Tun

not just noodles

It's not just a noodle house. To me, Hon's is my childhood.  I grew up off this stuff - my family went every Sunday after church.

It is/was a legendary Chinese restaurant, depending on who you ask.  It's not fancy, nor is it culinary magic, but I like it.  Although less so over the years, and it seems the public agrees as there are fewer and fewer locations.

My standard is wonton egg noodle soup with a side of Chinese broccoli and oyster sauce. But I really go to Hon's for the potstickers (and the pale red, sweet, sour, vinegar dipping liquid). It's BAD ASS.

I got some take-out for my sister. She ate all 12 in one sitting.

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