Monday, January 10, 2011

Vancouver: Nao Sushi

consistency is key

I liken Nao Sushi to McDonalds. The fast food variety of sushi – consistent, cheap, and yummy.

It used to be called Sushi House, but that was pre-renovations. My family still refers to it as Sushi House because not much really changed. It tastes the same to me. I can’t even describe how ridiculous sushi in Vancouver is, I mean just look at this sashimi…

And the chirashi:

And lastly, mmmm…oyster motoyaki. It’s a shame they cheapened themselves and served it in some dollar store foil tin. (Nao Sushi, stop cutting corners, you hear me?)

Nao’s not elaborate, and personally that’s how I like my sushi – it allows the fish to stand alone. Straightforward goodness. Only in Vancouver…only in Vancouver.

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