Saturday, January 8, 2011

Vancouver: Sun Sui Wah

the dim sum chowdown


Reservations? Yes.
Big round table with centre turning thingie? Check.
Good service? You know…the usual baseline for a Chinese restaurant.
Loud and noisy? Absolutely.
Hot sauce and mustard? Duh.
Good company? Lots of amazing women.
Sui Mai, Ha Gow, etc? Mmmm, and then some.
Egg tarts? Ya, but try the baked tapioca pudding and mango pancakes…what thu…hold the phone.

Sun Sui Wah has a longstanding reputation with many accolades and reviews, etc. Love it or hate it, it’s just dim sum people, and it's allll good. I went bonkers over the mango pancakes. Fresh mangoes and whipped cream bundled up in a light crepe. My heart rate just increased.

The baked tapioca pudding requires advance notice because it takes time to make, but it’s worth it. And this is coming from someone who doesn’t like tapioca. It’s red bean, tapioca custard, and a boa loa bow top crust. For those in the know, that would be my attempt at saying “pineapple bun”. These Chinese buns are difficult to explain but easy to describe, DELICIOUS. Needless to say if I could, I’d order the baked tapioca pudding, but hold the tapioca.

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