Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Vancouver: Sushi House

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So, like, there was a Sushi House on Kingsway in Burnaby.
Then it closed and re-opened as Nao Sushi but everything seems the same.
But there is also a Sushi House in Richmond.
I’m not sure if there was always one in Richmond? I can't recall.
But, like, this place is exactly like the one on Kingsway when it was still Sushi House.
So, I’m confused. Are they both Sushi House, or is Sushi House, Sushi House, and Nao was Sushi House, but not anymore, or perhaps, it never was?
My goodness, that's deep.

I mean honestly, who cares? If you read through that entire diatribe, I apologize and will keep the rest short.

Cheap, fresh, yummy eats. Check it out for yourself.

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