Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Vanishing Lotion for Sensitive Skin by Spectro AcneCare™

Medicinal Ingredient: Benzoyl Peroxide Lotion 2.5% w/w

:Average at $9:

Works well to invisibly treat and prevent pimples
Can be used everyday in morning and evening
Specifically states it can be used for adult acne breakouts

I usually avoid Benzoyl Peroxide like the plague. It’s like kryptonite for sensitive skin. Yet my sister swears by this stuff. I like to think I’m always right, but it just so happened that my Shoppers was out of Clearasil. Sidebar: It really bothers me when big box stores are ‘out of stock’. They had none on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Indeed, I went back each day to check. 

I stood in the aisle and contemplated my dilemma. I’m getting a pimple on my nose. I can (a) let it errupt and being the vain person I am, hibernate until it's gone, (b) go to another Shoppers to see if they have my Clearasil, or (c) try the stuff my sister uses. I went with the latter.

My sister was right, but shhhh, let’s not tell her I said that.

Like my Clearasil, it can be used under make-up in the day, and then Mario Badescu the ish out of it at night.  That’s right – pimples I’m on you like white on rice.

Like it.

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