Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Montreal: M Café

snack attack

The funny thing about hunger is that it creeps up on you. The funny thing about me and my family is that we’re always hungry. So it's not surprising that we stumble into random places.  My sister and I were shopping to kill some time before dinner.  We were on our way to Holts when…

Miss J: Are you hungry?
Miss A: Yes.
Miss J: There isn't really around here…
Miss A: *frown*
Miss J: I'm hungry...
Miss A: What’s this? *points*
Miss J: I don’t know?
Miss A: I see food.

And so we entered M Café. It’s just across the street from Eggspectations (barf, I'd rather starve).

So pretty...
M Café is a corner shop of cuteness.  It had a beautiful display of macarons and pastries - exactly what I needed because I like to snack and walk – it’s more efficient. So we got croissants and macarons to-go and continued to Holts. One block later my sister was gushing about her chocolate-banana macaron, my croissant was MIA, and I could finally focus on shopping.

A little gem I happened upon.  Makes for a good story.

May 2011 Update - Still just as cute but 10X busier...Also, it's terrace time and their's lines the street.  It, too, is cute.

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  1. The best macarons are at La Maison du Macaron

    Are you in Montreal now? :) I'm here until April.


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