Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Toronto: Clafouti

until we meet again
:Trinity Bellwoods:

First it was there...
 Today is a sad, sad day.  It is February 1st also known as my annual doomsday.  The day I lay down my wants and desires to make way for bikini season.  Mine comes early you see, March or April.  That gives me roughly two months to work out and watch what I eat, gasp.  I don't like to watch what I eat.  But if you knew what I ate in a week, you'd probably call Health Canada and ask them to school me on nutrition.  At baseline, in any given week, apart from regular meals and snacks, I like to treat myself to a Harbord Street Bakery Cheese Danish, a Clafouti Croissant, and a Dufflet Lemon Zinger.  Note the lack of 'or' and the presence of commas followed by an 'and'.  Take a minute if you don't get it.

While none of these patisseries are by my work, Pusateri's is.  And however pretentious this grocer is, and however overpriced most of their goods are, their bakery and bread section make me feel like a kid in a candy shop.

But today has come, so goodbye to all my pastry pals.  We will meet again on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  I promise.  Until then, may the rest of you enjoy buttery, flaky, sweet/savoury goodness on my behalf.  Think of me won't you?

and then it was gone...

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  1. I will definitely be picking up one of these this week. Amusing post!


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