Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Toronto: Pearl Harbourfront

sometimes you win some, sometimes you dimsum

I stole that phrase from one of my favourite fam members.  He gathered a few of us together for dimsum uptown.  Now it's stuck in my head.

Every downtowner knows that one of the best places to get your dimsum fix is at the Harbourfront.  Last weekend I went...the food is a bit pricier, and not always amazing, but you get this every time, beautiful in every season:

What a view...winter wonderful
Pearl Harbourfront doesn't serve up their food with stellar service, but they do take reservations.  They also do their best to get you what you want if the dishes you're craving don't pass by on the cart.  Prices are reasonable, about $100 for four people - not bad for dimsum.

The staples - ha gow and sui mai - were hot out of the kitchen and tasty:

Don't worry, I didn't forget vegetables (although I admit, they're usually an afterthought).

And this is how I end a fried food binge.
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