Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lashes: Voluminous Million Lashes by L'Oreal

a million lashes
:Standard at $9:

So diva
Voluminous is a standard - a clutch product at least one of your friends swears by, akin to Maybelline's Great Lash.  And now they have a shiny new one to tempt the masses with...Voluminous Million.  L'Oreal named it on the basis that this formula creates lashes that look "a million times multiplied....". 

I'll start with the good.  I love L'Oreal's 20 year anniversary ad campaign - Insert pick of me throwing up a 'V'.  Unfortunately, I don't like this mascara. 

But kudos on the packaging and the clean-sweep no clump system:

But mascara wise.  One coat was not enough for my wimpy Asian lashes, and two coats got a little clumpy but they looked good:

Until after 5 minutes, they dropped.  Flat is a voluminous fail.

Skip it.

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