Sunday, April 24, 2011

Toronto: Drake Corner Café + Bistro

:Queen West:

After dark or afternoon, Drake always comes through. Toronto Life calls it a “hidden gem” for brunch, perhaps because it isn’t the first place that comes to mind?

I love Drake’s brunch on many levels, starting with the fact they take reservations – a rarity for great Toronto brunch spots. Once there, service is always pleasant and whether you’re seated in the cafe or the bistro, it’s laidback.

I spent this beautiful Sunday morning with the chicest twosome I know – trust, there isn’t another couple in Toronto that is more in vogue than these two. The three of us had a nice catch-up over a shared plate of Toronto’s famed warm blueberry scones:

Flaky + sweet
Simply sunhsine on a plate
Us ladies had Benedicts – Drake’s traditional with pork loin, and their Caleb with smoked salmon:

The arugula (“rocket”) was a nice touch.
The lone man had the Lumberjack:

Three eggs, sausage (or bacon), home fries, toast and buttermilk pancakes.  That's a mouthful...
This Sunday morning, no rain was falling; just a lovely day for three friends, brunch, and a stroll down Queen Street.  Parfait, j’aime ma vie.

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