Friday, May 27, 2011

Brit & Chips

:Old Montreal:
poisson et frites

Fine, that's not the most original tagline, but fish and chips are far from original. They’ve been a staple in London since the late 1800s, and have been a personal family favourite in my home since I was about 8.

Brit & Chips got off to a rough start but it was smooth sailing by the time we got our food.

The patio was full so we headed inside.  The server who greeted us seemed cranky. But we grabbed a seat anyway and ordered. By the end, our server had gone from zero to hero.

It seems we got there just in time (around 6:00 pm) because it filled up and before you know it, there was a long line. Our server's mood brightened and he started making jokes and smiling. He didn’t even charge my sister for fries. You see, she had ordered just a serving of the cod (burgundy batter), but then I reminded her that I don't like sharing fries. So she asked him for a side order just before our dishes were served.

I had the haddock (maple syrup batter) and we shared the tandoori popcorn shrimp.

It's a little more expensive at $9.50 (for two pieces, $11.00 if you add chips) than I'm used to paying, but well worth it. The batters were tasty and crispy. I liked the cod better, my sister the haddock – good thing we shared. Both fish were meaty and tender, and with so many choices (salmon, hake and the fish of the day) share with friends and try them all. Except the fries, they're so yummy you'll want your own serving.

I could dedicate an entire post to their tartar sauce - but I won't. It was delish – creamy, tangy, fresh with a hint of dill. Yum.

My sister and I would both go back, but we’d probably skip the popcorn shrimp and try the mashed peas instead. So Brit.

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