Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Montreal: olive + gourmando

a fancy fancy huh?
:Old Montreal:

Love the chalkboards and the bakery counter...
Psst, there's even chalkboard in the toilettes.
This place reminds me of Paul Maison - a cafe I found in South Beach Miami. Both are little Parisian-esque cafeterias that showcase delightful bakeries and serve gourmet sandwiches made-to-order in a casual semi self-serve style. Coincidentally, Olive et Gourmando is on Rue Saint-Paul Ouest...huh, look at that.


Roll crevettes + crabe

Chevre Chaud with homemade ketchup

Olive et Gourmando is a smaller, less polite version - I found one server scary, and I'm pretty scary myself.  You are directed to a seat and then given a sheet of paper.  You take it and head to the back to order. My sister and I got there late, what with our stop at Jeans Jeans Jeans!  By the time we arrived, they were sold out of the sandwich I wanted – egg on your face – booyah!  I feel like it needs to be followed with a booyah and two-finger gun shot motion?!? 

I opted for the Chevre Chaud aka grilled goat cheese while my sister ordered the Cuban.  Then we decided to share the shrimp and crab roll. A little well-known fact for you: the average sister duo would share two sandwiches...but we above-average oinkers share three plus dessert.  All in all, the sandwiches-paninis-whatever you want to call them were very good, although the shrimp roll did not hold a candle to our mom's.  Our mother makes the BEST sandwiches in the world - her homemade chicken salad and shrimp sandwiches kick ass.

This little piece of sugar heaven was $3.75

For dessert I got the turtle bar which my sister could only nibble at because it had nuts.  Whoops, I'm still getting used to the fact she's avoiding nuts.  Poor sister recently discovered she may be allergic to them and it’s still under investigation. It’s really sad. Like, really sad. Our family is like animal kingdom, when you tell a pig she can’t eat something, the jungle cries.

All in all, I liked Olive et Gourmando; it may have been good-er if it wasn’t so pricey.

We finished off our plates and walked off the calories around Old Montreal. I want to go back to try the Apple turnover and egg on your face...but this time I will be sure not to be trop tard...

Olive et Gourmando is trendy and fashionable, but a little high maintenance, huh, sounds a little like me *wink*.

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