Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Montreal: Pret-à-Manger

gong show

Did I ever tell you how I feel about Chinese food?  Let me be frank (I feel like we're there) it is not usually a first choice.  In fact, I almost never suggest it.  My budgie Cracker dislikes it too, and my dad?  Well he's almost never eats it.

Anyway, after a long day of biking and walking around, my sister and I headed over to Kazu for dinner.  We got there at 9:31pm.  It closed at 9:30pm. sad. (N.B. It may been 9:01 and 9:00...but you get it.)

I was hungry.  My sister was hungry.  We no longer cared what we ate.

My sister suggested P.M.  She said it's one of the few Chinese restaurants in downtown Montreal that she and her friends will eat at. 

When it comes to ambience and environment, a fastfood Chinese restaurant is like the average girl.  You do one, you've done them all.  Sorry, was that too brazen?  But really, they all feel the same.  Fast, efficient, quick, and easy.

P.M. is no different.  It had the usual white table cloth and that subtle clean but unclean feeling.  I've had a few bullies call me out on this, well to them I say - don't you wash those plastic chopstickswash with tea?  Survey says, 99 of 100 people do.  friends

P.M.'s service was quick-quick, but friendly.  I ordered up my favourite dish: "gong chow how woah wow" (This always gives my Chinese friends a laugh - it's not intentional, it's simply the only way I remember it.).  The waiter knew what I was saying - beef fried rice noodles.  We also ordered eggplant and tofu.

The food was good, a little better than the average dive.  I didn't take photos because when my sister asked if I was going to post about P.M. I said "likely not?".  But then...random friend of a friend asked me if there were good Chinese restaurants in Montreal.  Ding, ding, ding.  I always forget that there are people out there who love them some Chinese.

For me, the best thing about Chinese restaurants is that you can tip small, leave full, and your wallet's still heavy. 

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