Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Toronto: Drake BBQ

meat on meat action
:Queen West:

Out with the store, and in with the BBQ. Ever since I started watching season 4 of Friday Night Lights (my newest, deepest obsession), I have been craving pulled pork and beef brisket like nobody’s business. I can’t imagine there’s anything close to Ray’s Barbecue here in big city Toronto, but it looks like the Drake is testing the waters with their southern-style shop.

While the joint screams hipster, the food is for anyone who loves slow-smoked meat. Essentially you have two choices – pig or cow aka pulled pork or beef brisket. There is a third option called the 60/60 – 3 ounces of beef plus 3 ounces of pork. Daaaammmn.

Last Saturday night, me and my favourite brother-sister superduo popped in for a quick bite. Granted that’s all you can do when there’s limited seating and a crowd. The guy behind the counter was nice enough to give us a sample. The pork is dipped in a vinegar sauce, and the brisket in a sweet, tangy barbecue sauce. I went with the pork with a small dollop of BBQ sauce on top. The sandwiches are served on soft little white buns with a little slaw. Eat it quick before your bun turns to mush.

There’s really not much else to the meal, except to add a bag of chips, some pickles, or a side of coleslaw. It’s not a culinary masterpiece by any means, nor is it even a complex combination of flavours – it’s just soft, tender, meat. Keep it simple, keep it coming. So good it makes me want to growl…


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