Monday, May 30, 2011

Toronto: Trattoria Nervosa

così delizioso…sì

I was long overdue for another meet-up with the fashionable twosome - last time I saw them was at The Drake for brunch, and then the following weekend at The Drake for drinks.  Wow, variety is the spice of life? 

This dynamic duo never disappoint.  I wish I could post  a photo of them but that could lead to my identity…so instead, I will just say that no one else pulls of effortless Sunday chic like these two.
This Sunday’s meet-up was in Yorkville and we settled on Trattoria Nervosa or as we simple folk say, Café Nervosa. It sits on the corner of Yorkville and Bellair and has long been a place I recommend to my bois when they ask where to take a girl on a date. It’s like a less obnoxious, but more expensive 7 West.

I love Nervosa’s upstairs patio, but it was full so we had to eat at ground level. Humf.

As soon as we sat down, I’m thinking I could use a cup of coffee, but my buds are pointing out the wines. Miss N pointed to the Pinot Grigio Nervosa & VI.  I had never heard of it, but she said it’s “sooo good”, and you know what, she was “sooo right” – it was light, fresh and delish. Every Sunday should involve a couple glasses of Pinot. Like, every Sunday.

I had the Tagliata di Manzo – a grilled beef tenderloin salad with arugala, red onions, avocado, roasted tomatoes, shaved pecorino (one of my favourite cheeses) and balsamic vinagrette. The awesome twosome shared Linguine alle Vongole (little neck clams, chilli flakes, garlic and herbs, white wine, tomatoes and olive oil) and the Contadina pizza with arugula ontop. (Psst, did you know that arugula is also called rocket or roquette. I know, I'm full of useless information.)

Nervosa’s food is great – well-made, well-seasoned, and quality ingredients. Personally, I don’t think you can really screw up Italian food - it's elementary science – you take quality ingredients and combine them in winning ways.

I say it’s delicious, Miss N and Mister B would simply say “delish”. They shorten EVERYTHING.

P.S. Nervosa is opening up a resto on King West – another of my favourite Toronto places (unless it’s after 1 am, then it becomes a cesspool for things I dislike). gusto…Spring 2011, hold the phone it’s spring 2011…is this place open…did I miss it?!? I’ll get back to you…if I don’t…you know that means I didn’t like it.

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