Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Toronto: Bier Markt

mmmm, beer
:King West:

Bier Markt is really a pub – like all the others in Toronto. It’s just under the guise of a little pomp marketing. Because gawd forbid we call it beer market.

Because it thinks itself more fancy, it costs more. The menu is full of European food from schnitzel to a chartucherie plate, and mussels and poutine to an 80 dollar steak (wtf?). While I find their menu reads like it was conceived while the owner and chefs had a serious case of the munchies, I've always liked what I've ordered  (less it’s marked up cost).

Take last Friday night. An old bud was in town so we took to their patio. I had the mussels ($13 for half a pound. Pricey considering you can get a full pound for $15 in Montreal) and a side of fries. I really enjoy their fries (of course, I've never met a fry I didn't like).  Bier's is extra fancy, because it comes with three dipping sauces. I Iove to dip. Dipping is sexy.

Now to the obvious....bier market has a lot of beer – pages and pages of it. I had a Friuli. Friuli is also sexy.

The retail space on the patio is scarce because it’s a fantastic location. On a completely unrelated personal note…I’m amazed I’m still sitting on patios. My allergies are monstrous right now. They’re like a bitch in heat. Seriously. Achoo…sniffle…achoo…sniffle…achoo, achoo! What? It’s just allergies. Claritin got that from me.

Yes. Allergies are sexy too.

Have a sexy humpday.


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  1. I've never been to Bier Market before, but I went to Beer Bistro recently and it's shocking how similar the food is to Bier Market! I ordered mussels and fries as well, and it's even served in the same mussel pot and fry stand. I wonder if they are by the same owner?


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