Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Toronto: The Fish Store & Sandwiches

fresh fish with phresh friend
:Little Italy:
I don't know why this photo won't upload right way up.
But soup is soup, no matter which way you look at it. 

I love it when friends tell me where to eat.  It's usually the other way around, but take it from me - you can always learn from those around you, whether it's food, fashion, or life.  That's right, I'm deep - I have many layers much like an onion :)

An old friend, let's make him the Jimmy Neutron to my Cindy Vortex?  She's one of my many alter-egos.  Yes, that works.  See Jimmy is one of those brainiac friends - the kind who espouse world facts and know all the nuances of politics and culture...blah blah.  He will always be my intellectual rival because no one makes my brain work harder. 

He and I go way back, circa 2000?!?  A month or so ago he told me about this mom-and-pop fish store owned by a Korean family (WE LOVE KOREAN PEOPLE).  It's nothing fancy, just fresh fish sandwiches.  Gasp, why have I never heard of this.  Probably because I have tunnel vision.  But that's why I have such an eclectic group of friends.  They remind me that I don't, in fact, know everything.  It still comes as a matter how many times I get schooled.

A couple days ago Jimmy and I took a nice walk along College to The Fish Store.  It has limited (and I mean limited) seating.  It's a cute patio and we got there in time to grab a seat.  Jimmy was not exaggerating when he said fresh fish.  It's set up like a mini fish market.  You pick your fish they make your dish.  Hey hey, that should be there tagline.  I decided on the bass, Jimmy had the halibut.

I tried the Manhattan clam chowder too.  It was good but I would rather have two sandwiches and skip the soup.  You live and learn right. 

Say hello to my little sandwich:

Buttery bass
Say hello to Jimmy's:

Simple concept, really, really good.  I was impressed.  And it takes a lot to impress a gal like me.

For old times sake Jimmy and I walked back to the Annex to grab dessert and coffee at Future's.  Still one of my favourite patios, probably because you can still smoke on it.  Jimmy's shaking his head right now and to him I say, shake away - at least my vice doesn't drive people to tears.
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