Monday, June 6, 2011

Toronto: Milestone's Grill & Bar

better than firkin worse than CC
It was super hot yesterday, was it  not?  I played patio chairs.  Between 1 and 9 I hit three patios.  Patio two was the Milestones at Yonge-Dundas square. 
And so, another chain is on my happy(ra)dar for five (and only five) reasons:

1.  It originated on the west coast.  Of course...all amazing things do (and then they come to Toronto and drop the bar - a little, not completely.)
2.  They USED to have the best calamari.  It's now just okay.  It USED to be lightly battered meaty strips of calamari with andouille sausage.  They've since seemed to cut corners:

3.  Good patio.

4.  Top Chef Canada menu items. (I love Top Chef...I love Canada, therefore, I love Top Chef Canada)

5.  Bellinis.  So yummy.  Before you know it, down three and down you go.

I should have started with number 5 - and cut the rest.  Because realistically, it's reason enough.


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