Friday, July 15, 2011

cha cha tint by Benefit

:Pricey at $36:

It's's finally here..sorry, I'm just a material girl in my material world. 

I have been waiting for Benefit to release their new tint...for a long time.  Sometimes I swear, I need to sleep in Canada but live in America. Especially because it's also only $29 USD.  Grr. 

When I awoke this morning, with a song in my head and a smile in my heart, I had two missions.  The first, to pick up cha cha tintCheck

Do the CHA, CHA, CHA

My sister first told me about it about a month or so ago.  I read up on it and can I say - people have WAY too much to say about products.  They analyze it to death.  You know, that girlfriend of your's that calls you to ask you 'what did he mean when he said?', 'why didn't he...?'.  I want to punch those girls.

Here's what I think about the third Benefit tint:  I love the name.  I love the easy application (please, moisturize, dehydrated skin is kryptonite to liquid blush stains).  I like the colour - "mango-tinted".  Basically a neutered orangey-pink. I doubt this colour will fly for paler complexions, but it's summer, and I'm tanned. 

My second mission was to buy a pair of the non-jean anti-tights.  Check.

Damn...I am one productive b*tch.

Happy Friday. 

Will post another brand spanking new Benefit product soon.  they're Real! BEYOND mascara. Sidebar - I HATE THE NAME.  I love new mascara releases (as much as I like movie releases...Crazy Stupid Love is coming...and in case you care?  The first trailer for John Carter was released).  Love that, and 

Love this.

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