Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Toronto: Brant House

why change a good thing?
:King West:

Brant changed owners.

Before food was good - overpriced - but good.  Went well with happy hour drinks - $3 until 11:00 pm.

Now, food is good - overpriced - but good.  Doesn't go down so well if happy hour ends at 8:00 pm.
No one liked the dips.
One person liked one.  I liked another.  And yet another person liked the third.
Therefore, we did not like the dips.

I was NOT kidding when I said I LOVE FRIES. 
I eat them anytime I see them on a menu. 
I need help - I admit this.

I know what you're thinking...whathu--- happy hour ends at 8:00 pm?  Now guess what I'm thinking?  

Absolutely nothing.  That says everything.  Happy Tuesday.  And yes...a beauty post is coming. 

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