Thursday, July 7, 2011

Toronto: Canteen

:King West:

Truthfully, I think the city is saturated with Oliver & Bonacini restaurants (but did you know they're opening yet another.  Wowzers.)

Of the seven currently operating - I've had 5.  yesterday was, in fact, number 5. 

I had a date with Gigi.  I have known Gigi a long time and she has one of the BEST laughs ever.  She was actually one of the first friends I ever made in Toronto.  Sadly, I don't see Gigi often because she no longer lives in the city, but when we do manage to come together, it's like magic. 

We grabbed a seat on Canteen's patio - shaded and perfect for people watching.  Canteen ranked low on my O&B charts because it was just average. 

My steak frites was good - well seasoned and perfectly medium rare.  I liked the garlic aioli, but I'm not sure how I felt about my steak being placed ontop dollops of ailoi.

Gigi wasn't crazy about her Fregola.  I took a bite (more like five) and had to agree.  There was something off about it - perhaps too much white wine.  Even my love of chorizo couldn't really save the dish.  Her caesar was good, but then got demoted to okay with it's overpriced status.

I sounds like a bad review, but it's not.  The food was good and I'd eat there again. 

But can I share a secret, I wish O&B would stop opening restaurants and focus on one and make it the apple of their daddy's eye.  I mean really, when is enough, enough?   Just like friends, quantity does not equate to quality. 

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