Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Toronto: Pizza Rustica

cheese anyone?
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Whoever wrote the copy for Pizza Rustica's website is really, really cheesy and has a poor command of the English language.  I mean seriously...here's a quote:

"Smart service with infectious ambiance and a fresh vibe, we create an environment where you and your friends can feel at home, relax and be free. With the right mix of homestyle cooking, great wine, company, and atmosphere create great moments!"

Seriously?  Ewwww.

I'm just going to pretend the website doesn't exist.  Because frankly, I believe you can choose what exists in your world.  I've done that...with people too.   It's amazing how I can wipe out an entire population.  

I enjoy Pizza Rustica for many reasons.  It's an easy place to grab a bite to eat.  They have a ton of choices.  It's reasonably priced.  It's family owned.  It's also "Toronto's hippest pizza joint".  Says who?  They do.  I don't agree, nor do I disagree.  I plead the fifth.

Their main location is across from SoHo and it's quaint, dark and burgandy.  Everything is a really terrible shade of this colour.  I frankly think they need a decor overhaul.  Their other location is not as bad.  It's around the corner on Wellington, near John, but is better for take-out.

Last night I met up with NettypantsNettypants is like a fiery ball of sunshine - equal parts giggle and panache. We shared the Fragola Salad because it's Nettypants' "favourite" salad.  It has strawberries (which she loves), candied pecans (which I love), goat cheese (who doesn't love cheese), cherry tomatoes (negligible), and creamy poppy seed dressing (which is her favourite).

I like their pizza but if pasta is on a menu...I'll (almost) always get pasta.  No shock then that I got the Seafood Linguine. 

My only complaint is the sauce to pasta ratio.  Way too much sauce.  There's a pool under there.  Too too much is never good, but extra extra is awesome.  For example, more shrimp and scallops in my dish would have been extra extra, but pasta drowning in sauce?  That's too too much.  (Still doesn't make sense?  I'll put it to you like this: you know how some guys have shirtless photos...yet they really should NOTand then they post that sh*t on Facebook...that's too too much.  But say you're invited to a pink-themed party, and while you detest the colour, everything is really pink.  Like this girl is not messing around - even the bathroom towels are pink, as is the hand soap...well now, that's extra extra.  And extra extra is awesome...it's like attention to detail to the 10th power.)  Sorry, back to Pizza Rustica...

Nettypants got the Pollo Pesto without mushrooms.   

All in all, it was a nice dinner out.  I will point out that I did not like our waitress.  She was pleasant...on the surface...but deep down something was irking her.

I'm off pasta for a while because I love it too much.  As for my pizza craving?  For now, I'll shove my face full of Pizza Nova because at baseline I'm more cheap and cheerful than rustic and romantic.  I'm also extra extra

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  1. pizza nova? seriously? PIZZA. NOVA?

  2. "...you can choose what exits in your world"? Really? And you're criticising THEIR web copy? and - as above - Pizza NOVA??? ACK!

  3. Mister or Miss Anonymous...might I direct you to the Disclaimer where I acknowledge typos. So yes, I choose what "exits" my world. I also standby my comments but thank you for yours.


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