Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dry Shampoo?

Sure, why not.
simon says...

Good morning...before I head off to Montreal I thought I would give my two cents on a (semi) hot topic.  A few of my girls have recently asked me what I think about dry shampoo.  My thoughts:

It's no substitute for good old fashioned hair washing, but it's useful as a pick-me-up, especially in the summer when you're sweating more than usual.

Essentially all it is does is soak up grease, eliminate odour, and give a lil' boost.  You know what else does that and more?  Baby powder.  Women's best friend.

If the idea of sprinkling that into your hair doesn't appeal to you, go ahead and spend the money on dry shampoos.  I've tried Oscar Blandi Pronto.  It smells lemony fresh and is easy to use.  A cheaper option is Tresemme's line.  I'd avoid the spray because if you don't work it in properly, it may leave white streaks.  The mousse is better. 

Like it.

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  1. Not a fan of dry shampoos. I'll use a bit of baby powder if it's an emergency but I usually wash my hair at least every second day.


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