Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hair Products by Organix

limited selection
Last week I was doing what I love to do...reading magazines and I saw an ad for organix. Never heard of it, but it caught my interest for the following reasons:
  • It uses organic active ingredients
  • It's sulfate and paraben free
  • The bottle's cute.  Kinda chub.  I like chub. 

So many varieties in so many colours (see here):

brazilian keratin therapy
coconut milk
moroccan argan oil
cherry blossom ginseng
pomegranate green tea
vanilla silk
shea butter
acai berry avocado
teatree mint
cocoa butter
passionfruit guava
mandarin olive oil
grapefruit mango butter
cucumber yogurt
lavender soymilk
mocha espresso

Phew.  That's a lot.  I want to try them all, some more than others.  The ones that least interested me are the only ones that seem to be in Canada.  Why, why, why must we Canadians be punished?  Woe is me.

Until the rest of them migrate to Toronto soils, I settled on brazilian keratin therapy shampoo ($8.99) and coconut milk conditioner ($7.99), only because I'm not on the moroccan oil bandwagon. 

They smell like heaven in a bottle.  Sexy.  I kind of want to bathe in it.  Oh wait, you sorta do.

How well does it do what it says it will do?  The brazilian shampoo left my hair smooth and silky, the coconut didn't do anymore than any other conditioner. 

Based on the cuteness of the bottle and the superfabulous smells, I'd buy organix again.  And since you can buy it at Shoppers, you know it will go on sale.  As drugstore hair products goes, it's pretty fabulous; compared to my favourite salon brands?  Just okay.

Like it.

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