Monday, August 29, 2011

Montreal: Resto la Banquise

all day poo-tin

This post is dedicated to my BFF, his lady love and their loved ones who will be touching down in Montreal come winter.  Oy, I hope someone told them about the hazards of winter in Montreal. 

Note cute patio in back?  Noted.

My BFF loves pootin.  Oh yes he does.  Fancy or dirty, he'll gobble it up.  So I thought it best I share this thing I heard.  See, there's this rumour, and like all great rumours it stuck.  Whether it be true or not is up to the individual.  Seeing as this is my blog, ergo I am the individual, I am here to call the rumour false.

They say La Banquise is one of the best, if not best places for poutine.  That statement is false. 

La Banquise serves poutine 24 hours a day.  That statement is true.

This diner is a favourite for many, likely because of that, and not because they serve the best.  Their poutine is okay.  There are many, many, many choices, and that in and of itself is great.  You can have poutine with merguez sausage, with smoked meat, with turkey and peas, etc.  Basically, you can get it with a whole lot of something or with nothing at all.  Your choice.

After a long day of shopping I wanted a snack so I got myself the Elvis: beef, mushrooms and green peppers.

Don't be cruel...
 I ate it all, but don't I always.  It was good but Frite Alors is still my favourite.  Nobody messes with me and my frites.

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