Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lashes: Rapid Lash by Promaxyl

no longer obsessed
:Pricey at $70:

Just slightly curious.  After finding the mothers of all mascaras, I don't really care that much for growth serums anymore.  Maybe as I get older, and therefore wiser, it doesn't make as much sense to put chemicals near my eyeballs.  Maybe.

I am still a fan of MultiplEye by tarte.  And should I lose any lashes again, I'll pick up a tube.  Otherwise, my heart is quite content with what I've got. 

Then again, if it's "free", that's another story.  I was redeeming my Optimum points at Shopper's in June and decided to get Rapid Lash.  I won't go through the technical mumbojumbo since I'm neither equipped to, nor care to.  But you can find it here.

I will share my eyeballs with you:

Left - June 3 | Middle - June 24 | Right - July 8

Left - June 3 | Middle - June 24  | Right - July 8
Do you see a difference?  I don't see a difference.  One last time, just to be sure:

Top - June 3
Bottom - July 4
I'm not angry.  I'm over it.  But do you know what $70 could have got me?  It could have got me two tubes of Majolica and a tube of Benefit.  That would have been money well spent.  Rapid Lash?  That was money wasted.

Dislike it.

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