Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Toronto: Chimichanga Mexican Grill + Bar

deep fry me
:Yonge + Eglinton:

I met up with Bana et familia yesterday for dinner and where did we go? Mexican. Remember, Bana loves Mexican. I enjoy it, although I don’t usually choose to eat it.  Mostly because I find Mexican in Toronto pretty meh. I hear that changed when Agave Y Aguacate opened in Kensington. Mental note: Must take Bana there.

That said, aside from Burritos there is another restaurant I often go to for my mole/guacamole/burrito fix, and that would be Chimichanga. It’s reasonably priced, authentic (enough) Mexican food. They evidently import all their ingredients, which likely accounts for the big bold flavours and the pricier mark up.

I’ve covered most of their menu over several years and haven’t yet been disappointed. It’s loud, tasty food. My personal favourites are the steak barbacoa and carnitas tacos. Last night I settled for a fish burrito. It was okay (because once you've had fish tacos down in Los Cabos, nothing compares.)

Bana enjoyed her newyorican chicken burrito and her man chimichangaed his. That’s right, for just $3 they use “100% canola vegetable oil” to deep fry that sh*t. Mmmm…

Dirrrttyyy deep fried goodness.
P.S. Beware the habaneros. I thought it was salsa verde. *#@#**!@*

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