Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Toronto: Khao San Road II

3 in 6 months
:Entertainment District:

Is how many times I've been back to Khao San Road since my first visit in March.  Interesting, what is it I always say...if I write about it twice, it's CONSISTENTLY delicious.

That's special in a city that is overwrought with let-downs.  Toronto has many restaurants that start with so much promise, only to fall short because of inconsistencies.

My latest visit to Khao was as good as the first.  It's still just as busy, but they make the effort to fit you in as soon as they can.  We were told it would be a 15 minute wait so my friend and I went for a walk.  About 20 minutes later we returned to find a table waiting - 'reserved' - that's right, they didn't just give it up to the next group.  Service is a little slow but forgiveable.  And the food, still SO good, see:

Goong Taud Samoon Prai
Slow and steady wins the race, flashy and pricey fizzles.

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