Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Toronto: Sandwich Box

i eat in my playground

whole wheat panini + avocado-chipotle mayo + oven roasted turkey + mushrooms + gruyère
Beige.  That describes my day.  I thought I'd share my very beige lunch with you.  It wasn't bad, just so very beige.  You know, bleh, boring, drab, dull, plebian, ho hum...etc.  Yes, this is what happens when your dad makes you read the dictionary. 

I ate out a lot this past month, but I've already shared that which is worth sharing.  I didn't fancy the others, and if you recall (or don't but want to know), I don't post bad reviews. So forgive me for posting my superbeige lunch, but I like it.  Yes, I like the Sandwich Box and I'm not afraid to say it.
It actually comes in a box. I enjoy that detail much more than a normal person would.
I always assume most people know this place, but there aren't that many locations.  I first had it on Queen Street near MuchMusic.  It CLOSED and I moved out of the area anyway.  Then a few more opened in what I would call business hubs aka buildings full of hungry office drones, myself included. 

Over the years they've gotten stingy on their toppings, but ain't that the way it is.  I still almost always get meat, mushrooms, and some stinky cheese, all on some healthy sounding (but not really healthy) bread.  Gasp, maybe I'm beige?  On second thought, there's no way...I'm like Rainbow Brite  (remember her? You would if you're an 80s baby).  Only this doll is recovering from Montreal.  I ate A LOT of pootin, walked way too much, and slept little.

In light of how very beige my day has been, I decided to please my senses here.  I love this blog and there are only a few food blogs I visit regularly.  (His and Montreal Brunch and Breakfast are two of my faves.) 

I guess now would be a good time to introduce the idea of a re-location back west.  I think it's safe to say that if I do, I will print out Mr. Sherman's blog and go through it, bite by bite.  Let's hope I find a job first.  Actually, hope is not enough...pray.

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