Monday, August 22, 2011

Toronto: Walima Cafe

out of my comfort zone
:Danforth + Coxwell:
Lamb shank, or as I like to say, big bad drumstick.
Mr. Neutron himself and I met up on Friday for another cultural-relational-moral pow-wow.  It's Ramadan right now, so he can only come out and play at dark.  The only instruction he gave me was to go to Coxwell station by 8:30 pm.  Um, I don't like surprises, and I'm pretty sure I'd like one at Coxwell station less.  But I trust Jimmy.  He's what I would call intuitive.  In fact, he knows me well enough to think he knows my "ideal type".  One day we'll have to put his know-it-all to the test.  But on Friday, we focused on good eats and catching up.

As I walked along the Danforth to meet him, I kept thinking to myself, "please don't be Ethiopian...if he's taking me to eat Ethiopian, I'm gonna have to rethink our friendship...". 

I arrived and smiled.  Moroccan.  I like Moroccan, and better yet, I haven't eaten it in years.

Walima Cafe is a cozy space.  It's very Marrakesh (based on books, because I've never been), with some pillows, a few paintings, and a beautiful tile mosaic.  I really liked the tiles.  I would like them in the foyer of my imaginary mansion.  

Casablanca Couscous

Prior to Walima, the only Moroccan I've had in Toronto was Sultan's Tent.  To which, Jimmy scoffed, of course, because he knows better.
I had the Lamb Shank Berber Tagine, while Jimmy had Harira and Casablanca Couscous with chicken.  The soup was tasty, but I don't like lentils.  My lamb was tender and Jimmy's couscous was perfect.  He's never had couscous.  Ha, finally - something I've had that he hasn't.  Winning.  Hahaha.

You should note that Moroccon is often savoury and sweet.  Since I'm not a fan of sweet, I went for the most savoury option.  That said, I would like to go back to try the Bastilla.  I hear it's good, and if it's not, I can wash it down with a kebap.

I love that friends take you places you wouldn't normally go.  It was nice to leave my bubble, course I'm happy to be back.  My bubble's pretty awesome.

P.S.  Mental note:  Take a photo with Jimmy.  Otherwise it's like we're only friends on screen, lol.

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