Friday, September 9, 2011

Anti-Fatigue Eye Roller by Aveeno

eye ball
:Cheap at $15:

I've tried a rollerball before.  Here - since I don't expect you to remember everything I do.  I certainly don't. 

My rollerball fascination came from this guy I once met.  He's a tall drink of handsome and he swears by the rollerball.  He called it an instant effective fix.  I didn't disagree, but I'm not partial to band-aid solutions.  Obviously I didn't tell him that, he's too hot to disagree with, at least face-to-face.

Aveeno has come out with its very own and I got my paws on it on Tuesday. 

Much like its predecessors, it's compact and applies easily.  The ball surface (i.e. diameter) seems bigger than the other two I've tried (see above and Garnier's).  The pen itself is fatter.  But that's just aesthetics. 

Aveeno took the active ingredient southerwood, as well as vitamins A, C & E, to create a liquid that "depuffs" and moisturizes the eye area.  Southerwood extract is reported to have cleansing and protective properties.  All together, the formula promises to combat the look of dark circles while infusing the under eye area with a whole lot of goodness.
It certainly smells fresh, but I found that it tingled more than I would have expected from an Aveeno product.  My experience with Aveeno is that it's on the gentle and delicate side, but within a few seconds of applying the eye roller, I felt a faint tingling sensation.  Fast-forward four days, and the tingling is much less, but still there.
Four days may not be enough time to see visible benefits, and I analyzed these photos for a good 10 minutes:

Top: Clean | Bottom: + Aveeno Eye Roller + 15 minutes
Left Eye: Clean | Right Eye: Aveeno Eye Roller
But it is enough time to decide if the pros outweigh the nothings.  In all fairness, I don't have a serious undereye problem.  That said, after four days of consistent use, the benefits weren't tangible enough to make me a fan.  It certainly goes some way in speeding up morning depuffing, but I feel the delicate skin under one's eye balls requires more moisture than Aveeno could impart.
My final answer?  It's complicated.

Did you party last night and need a quick fix?

Get it.  It's an easy solution and doesn't use caffeine like Garnier, nor is it as pricey as the Body Shop.


Are you looking for anti-aging treatments?
Do you have dark, persistent circles?
Do you have sensitive skin?
Are you looking for an all-around eye cream?

If you answered yes to any of these, get a proper eye cream.  Not all of life's shortcuts are a good idea.

Skip it.

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