Friday, September 16, 2011

Extra Extra: Food Truck Eats

for you...actually, more for me
:Distillery District:

Good folks, it's Friday. Sorry, I have nothing to share. This whole week was full of the usual garb or lacklustre eats. Although, I'm going to Sushi D tonight. I'm excited. Yes, yes, I'm excited. Sushi D means good company and rock shrimp. I love shrimp. Like a lot.

It's a date!
 Picture courtesy of the World Wide Web.
So last week a friend told me that the Food Truck thing I went to (a couple months back) was actually Part 2 of 3.  What?  I missed Part 1?  How?  Tell me, who I gotta hang with to get my game back?  Obviously, said friend.  Anyway, he was so kind enough to tell me I could get more info here.  Gawd, I love the Daily Dish.  I also love this Suresh guy who started it all.  Don't know him, don't matter, he rules.

Now you know.  To be honest, I kind of don't want y'all to go, only because I get grumpy in crowds.  But it is outdoors and it will be a beautiful autumn night (knock on wood) so I'll pop a patience pill just for you.

Dirrtttyyy eats all night long.  Sounds so wonderful.  Nuit Blanche and Truck Eats.  See you there.  I 'll be there, under a lover's sky.  Eating, under the moonlight...til the sun goes down.

This post is to remind me.  Like a virtual post-it.  Life is so hectic these days, I need actual cues.  I'm a visual person.

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