Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Herbal Recovery Eye Cream by Jurlique

got that loving feeling
:Pricey at $55:

I'm still saying NO to Sephora.  Holt Renfrew must be loving it. 

I dropped by on Monday to pick up a new eye cream.  I'm almost finished my Pure + Simple one.  Will post about that soon.  I haven't because I'm walking the line between skip and like.  Figured I'd finish the entire tub before I gave my final answer....

Unlike Jurlique's eye cream which got me all hot and bothered so I had to share.

Up until Monday, I had only tried samples of Jurlique products because it never reaches my bubble, at least not close enough to break through.  I know it was founded by Jurgen and his wife Ulrike.  And they say what's in a this case, love.  Anyway, these two have a farm of sorts in Adelaide Hills, Australia.  And it is there that they create their products in an environmentally sustainable way.  There's a valuable lesson in there: eco-friendly things from down under will cost you. 

But quality eye cream will always cost you.  Funny that these creams are eye-goughing.  Always have, and always will be.   But a little goes a long way. 

Enough with the proverbial quips. 

The Herbal Recovery Eye Cream dispenses like medicated cream.  I'm not crazy about that, but it's probably more sanitary than always dipping your fingers into the same pot.  I try not to double-dip, but sometimes when you're in a rush in the morning, you just do.

Jurlique smells very herbal.  I'm not crazy about that either. 

They call it a "high performance" eye cream.  I scoffed when I heard that.  High performance.  Seriously?  But I can't argue because it delivered on all fronts.  It brightened and refreshed the eye area, provided longlasting moisture, and seemed to soften fine lines.  Yes, I have lines.  Dammit.  

This is what I call up close and personal:
Left - Naked | Right - Jurlique
 In case you missed it.  One more time with handy arrows:

Left - Naked  | Right - Jurlique
How did they do it?  Apparently with arnica, eyebright, cucumber, safflower, and chamomile.

My eyes, much like the rest of me, requires tender loving lasting care, and that's exactly what I got. Okay, I changed my mind.  I like herbs. 

Mental note.  Ask BFF if Jurlique is cheaper in Australia.  If so.  Ask BFF to get some.

Love it.


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  1. The cooling properties of eye creams can sooth the inflammation which usually causes dark circles under eyes. Because people can react differently to several ingredients, see to it that the eye cream that you choose can cool your eyes.


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