Monday, September 5, 2011

Montreal: Les Givrés

ice to warm the heart

For the umpteenth time, my sister loves ice cream.  Prior to my visit last weekend she sent me a few links...for ice cream.  One was for Les Givrés.  I like the logo - igloos are rad.

So after a day of sweltering heat and humidity, I suggested we stop by on our way home.  Needless to say, she didn't say no. 

Les Givrés is getting a lot of reviews, and most people are loving it - myself included.  What's not to love?  Everything is homemade.  Even the cones.  They're not the waffle cones you might expect.  Rather, they have funky contraption that pops out regular cones - you know the kind you grew up eating.  I call them the McDonalds cone - because my earliest memories of eating ice cream cones was from McDonalds, on a Sunday, after church. 

Les Givrés has a lot of flavours.  Scooped out and served by friendly faces.

Something for everybody.
I went with the caramel ice cream with roasted marshmallows and café.  Yum yum.  Double yum means it gets my stamp of approval.  My sister got chocolate and vanilla.  I think I called her boring...haha, one could argue she's just loyal to the originals.
P.S. We also had a chocolate chip cookie.  I didn't like it.  My sister didn't like it.  That's okay, after all, it is an ICE CREAM place and the ICE CREAM was delicious.

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