Friday, September 2, 2011

Toronto: Black Camel

baby, i'm howling for you

Bana has been talking about Black Camel for some time.  I was hungry and found myself at the Canadian Tire near the Masonic Temple.  The bell in my brain rang and I texted Bana to get the exact coordinates of this sandwich shop she was dying to take me to.  I was delighted to find it was just a block away.  I pitterpattered over. 

Love at first sight?  Yes, because I like weird creatures.  Like the platypus, and the camel.  They're funny looking.

Gags aside, Black Camel is my favourite kind of joint.  Divey with divine dirrrrttyyyyy eats, and friendly, genuine people taking your order.  

They have (amongst other things) sandwiches with pulled pork, beef brisket, seared steak, roasted pulled chicken and a veggie option (and enticing one at that, tomato, pepper, argula and eggplant), all of which you can customize with sauces and toppings.  The prices are reasonable in that it starts at $7 for a sandwich.  I got pulled pork with BBQ sauce and onions.  It was tasty.  Not too sweet, good consistency and really smokey.  The pulled pork is soft, tender and meaty.  The opposite of bad pulled pork which is stringy and gets stuck in your teeth on your first bite.  Shame.  This, however, is quite the opposite:

Oh momma!
I almost got two.  Good thing I didn't.  The sandwich is legitimately big.  I will be back next week as the beef brisket is calling my name and I will be going back with Bana. Because I not only owe her, I heart her. 

Again, at the risk of sounding redundant, it must be said again...this was so good.
P.S. Don't you love it when you finish something really good and look down and find droppings! It's like a bonus.  Makes me happy.

P.P.S.  I appreciate any restaurant that "really knows" their food.  What do I mean?  Black Camel's napkins are sturdy, tough even.  None of that rough wafer-thin cafeteria crap.  Perfect for the mess that will ensue.  They also give you a wetnap.  All things I need.  I also need a bib. 
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