Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Toronto: Dragon Pearl Buffet

you right, i wrong
:York Mills + Don Mills:

This plate causes me anxiety.  All my food is touching!
This post is for my "gooder" friend MinnieA while back she mentioned Dragon Pearl.  I ignored her.  It's technically not my fault.  Dragon Pearl has a whole lot going against it.  It's Chinese food.  It's a buffet.  It's gimicky - see here (that pearl has zero appeal to me). 

Nothing works in its favour. 

But last weekend Dragon Pearl caught a break.  See, once in a blue moon, I get a chinese buffet craving.  It's very specific.  It's always short-lived, and the last three went unsatisfied with no repercussions.  Had I not been with Minnie the day of said craving, I would have been over it. 

But I was with her.  Lucky for Dragon Pearl.  She insisted I would like it.  She insisted it wasn't the usual chinese buffet.  She pointed out the free lobster tail.  Twice.  She also pointed ou that it was the large meaty kind and not the scrappy piddly pieces.  She  concluded by saying it might be the best Chinese buffet in Toronto.  Big words for little girl. 

Persistence pays off:

Sushi - Sashimi - Lobster
She was right.  Dragon Pearl is not your mother's buffet.

It will by no means make your heart sing from culinary delight, but it might make you dance, albeit offbeat and poorly.  A dance nonetheless. 

The entire place is full of petrified wood. It makes for very dramatic dining but odd.  That aside, the food is not bad - there are some terrible things but doesn't every buffet?  Overall it's not as greasy, and there is more substance than filler, including handmade noodles and peking duck.  I LOVE PEKING DUCK.

Not the greatest.  But for all-you-can-eat, it's good enough.
Minnie was right. I bow my head in shame.  And while I won't be going back anytime soon, if I had to do a buffet, I'd do Dragon Pearl.  It's $25 for dinner per person on weekends ($21 Monday to Thursday).  Other bloggers have said it's expensive.  Really?  Mandarin is $18 for dinner per person on weekends.  $7 for better food.  Sounds reasonable to me.

It is the best Chinese buffet I've had.

Yes.  I went there.

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  1. Mandarin is about $25 per person for dinner on weekends.

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  3. We were there last night ... it was good.


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