Monday, September 12, 2011

Toronto: Prairie Girl Bakery

oh the cute cupcake
a little sweet tasty treat
one bite to happy
:Business District:

Happy Monday.  Did my haiku make you smile?  I'm in a great mood because it's celebration time.  The fall is always marked by birthdays.  Many, many, many birthdays, including my favourites.  

I had a few this weekend, and one included these mini treats:

Hello Prairie Girl. I've been meaning to come see you but I've been so busy. Thanks for coming to me.
I still don't quite understand the cupcake emporium, but it looks like the workerbees at King and Yonge do.  I get that they're cute.  Mini versions of big things draw out the kid in all of us, but it's still just cake.  I guess I'm just not a fan of cake.  All that aside, I can admit that cupcakes are pretty cool.  They're convenient and multi-faceted which means you can get a little of a lot (i.e. several flavours all in one).

My friends, new and old, are fans of Prairie Girl.  I got to analyze them on Friday while at a birthday party.  As an avid baker, I like to think my opinion matters here, moreso than over there. As with ALL cupcakeries, you get a lot of icing, like extra extra.   Likely for two reasons.  The first is that more is better than too little and the second, presentation; they just look better.  Their prices are average for haute cupcakes: $2.95 for one ($31.95 for a dozen) and $1.75 for mini ($18.95 for a dozen).

I tried the Chocolate Peppermint.  The cake was good but plain chocolate. I thought that it could have at least been mint chocolate. The icing was good, but it wasn't pepperminty. The red sprinkles were peppermint...I think. In the end, I wanted more peppermint.  
He's cute right, but he left me wanting. Typical.
The key to a really great cupcake is the icing because it's not so hard to make a good moist cake.  Since most of the cupcakes fell over in the box, I took it upon myself to try all the icing NOT on a cupcake.  

I tried: Chocolate, Cream Cheese, Peanut Butter, Lemon, Strawberry, Coconut, and Vanilla.
Collectively they were all alright!  Note the exclamation mark.  Alright! is not Alright.  It's better, but not quite good.  Although the peanut butter icing is good!  I enjoyed it very much.

In the end, I give Prairie Girl a thumbs up because their icing is not too sweet.  That is a tremendous feat in my opinion.  It is difficult to get an entirely sugar-based substance to not be too sweet, but still have flavour and maintain good consistency.  

I am still on a sugarhigh.  

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P.S. Although the story of the Prairie Girl Bakery is cliché - successful executive escapes bigbad businessworld for frills and giggles - I still appreciate their story.  What I don't appreciate is the Cupcake Girls.  They make me dislike the cupcake world.   I can't stand them.  I find them really annoying.  It doesn't stop me from enjoying their cupcakes if they're in front of me, but can someone get them off television.  They're about as interesting and entertaining as a carwash.

I was going to leave the Cupcake Girls alone, but then I got high.
Now I just insulted them, and I know why.
- cause I got high, cause I got high, cause I got high.

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