Friday, October 14, 2011

Biosource HydraMineral Lotion by Biotherm

:Pricey at $30: ain't just for your nose

I have been remiss.  But I have a legitimate excuse.  I've been busy.  For real.

I've also been stockpiling a huge collection of products.  Oh, it's on. 

For now, here's a classic that I recently picked up for ma soeur.  Remember how I said when she really loves something, she continues to use it.  Decades can pass and girl is still all over it.

Supple radiant skin.
Active toning water to cleanse your skin, without that tight feeling.  (I don't like that feeling.  I get that feeling from Bioré astringent.  Again, Bioré is not my friend.)

It reminds me a lot of the asian products I'm so fond of.  It's light, delicately scented and moisturizing.  

I suppose my sister likes it for the balancing properties of zinc. 

Like it.

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